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DJ Shortcut

There’s no question that he’s the hip-hop DJ that has covered the most ground in Quebec. At 6’7’’, DJ Shortcut is imposing both in stature as well as his unique sound and style that have been his trademark for 20 years in the Quebec hip-hop nightlife and landscape. DJ Shortcut is a benchmark, an absolute must! He’s one of the rare hip-hop DJs who can be seen on TV. He was the DJ on la Fureur (Radio-Canada), on Belle et Bum (Télé-Québec) and on Merci Bonsoir (TVA). He’s been very active in Montreal nightlife; he was a mixer for Foufounes Électriques, Redlite, Groove Society, for the Aria, Traffic, Sona, the Opera, at the U Night Club, and for Pinokkio, to name but a few.

He very quickly exchanged his school scribblers to devote himself full-time to his turntables. In his native South Shore, with the same passion and ambition of a class leader, he studied the art of being a DJ with the sole objective of becoming the best. He could easily have followed the path of a good number of young people and ended up on the street, but he chose another road. He opted for a path that was more winding, but how much more gratifying. Today, he can without a doubt affirm that his wager has been won, he is the best hip-hop DJ that Quebec has ever produced. His dope sheet is impressive and earns him the role of pioneer in his field. One memorable fact, in 2002, he was opening for Jah Rule at the Molson Centre with his album Pète la coche. A number of critics and journalists confirmed that the Montreal DJ had literally stolen the show, and that his American counterpart would have a lot to do to keep his audience warmed up. Quite an accomplishment for an American opening act!

He was the first DJ to host a hip-hop broadcast on commercial radio in Quebec (Cool Rap Hip-Hop – Cool FM). He was the first resident DJ on a Musique Plus show (Rap City). In 2001, he became the first Quebec hip-hop DJ to launch an album (DJ Shortcut pète la coche). He also produced the albums of Yvon Krevé (Quand je rappe pas – 2003) and of Étranjj (Chin – 2005). In addition, he has three video-clips to his credit: « Fresh », « On est là » and « Pète la coche ».

Some facts not to be forgotten, he won the trophy for best DJ at the Gala Unistar 2005, and in 2007, he was awarded an honorary trophy for his entire career at the Gala MU.

One quality that everyone recognizes in this giant is his loyalty to his discipline and those close to him. In 2002, Shortcut signed the production of the first K-Maro album, Le Clan Chill. Five years later, the two acolytes have come back with Platinum Remixes, an album that pays tribute to the passage of time, but time which isn’t forgotten!

With K-Maro, Shortcut quietly aspires to an international career which he has dreamed of for a very long time. He had the opportunity to do mixing for a week at the French station Sky Rock to promote Shym (a protégé of K-Maro). He demonstrated his talent before immense audiences in Paris, Moscow, St. Petersburg, in Switzerland, Belgium and Monaco. He took part in a show for tolerance in Morocco before an audience of more than 300,000! Let his detractors hold back, the adventure has only begun!

2007 will mark the return to disk of Shortcut. Six years after « DJ Shortcut pète la coche », his many fans will have the chance to experience the evolution of this master of the dance. He promises us an album collection with an original flavour that threatens to shake things up and leave a deep impression.

« This album is a bombshell», he assures us with his laugh, so strong and unique that shows us how far he likes to go to make a mark, or rather, his mark!